YogaPebbles is born!

Welcome to YogaPebbles – Yoga for little minds & bodies. 

About YogaPebbles

We need to do more to nurture our children’s emotional and spiritual development. At YogaPebbles children’s yoga we aim to grow the personal, social, physical and creative qualities of young people so they can become the well-rounded and confident future citizens they need to be.

Headed up by experienced teacher Lisa Greenough, YogaPebbles brings together the three wonders of: children’s yoga, mindfulness and meditation through wonderful adventures. Our aim is to inspire, exercise, educate and relax children’s bodies and minds.

YogaPebbles is for ALL. Every child is welcome at our yoga classes and all children are treated equally. We celebrate diversity and encourage inquiring, compassionate and inclusive minds.

About Lisa Greenough

Children's yoga teacher and primary special needs teacher. Specialising in children's yoga , mindfulness and meditation.

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